Group sharing & messaging apps for kids

Group sharing & messaging apps for kids

Protected, private and built for groups.

What is Pryvy?

Pryvy is a set of private & protected group communication apps for kids.

Group Messaging

Send text messages, images or voice recordings to your group. You can also send messages to individual Pryvy friends.

Group Sharing

Share photos, updates and random thoughts with your group. You can also add filters, stickers and drawings to your photos.

Group Email

All kids get a protected email address that works with any device or with Pryvy's mail app. This allows groups to send emails to everyone, not just adults.

Why Pryvy?


Teach kids how to use social media be responsibly and respectfully.
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Give kids a protected alternative to traditional social apps.
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Stay connected, and strengthen the relationships within your group.
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Parents control contacts

Parents decide who is allowed to contact their child and who is blocked. Parents can approve individual people or entire groups.

Photos & thoughts are private

Everything shared or sent on Pryvy will only ever be seen by approved friends and family - not strangers and not advertisers.

Not a popularity contest

Likes, retweets, followers, friends, comments, favorites... It's dizzying. For kids, this constant popularity contest leads to anxiety, compulsive behavior and social media addiction. With Pryvy, kids can interact with each others posts, but nothing is tallied.


The Pryvy apps are available on iOS devices, Android devices, and any device with a Chrome browser.

Use Pryvy as a group

Teach kids how to use social media responsibly & stay connected as a group.

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